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What are Zura Weights?

Zura Weights add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout – scientifically proven to increase heart rate, burn fat, and build muscle.

The best part? Zura Weights are additive to any workout – from yoga to running, boxing, barre, pilates, and dance.

For men, women, young, and old.

How do I put on my weights?

Here is a video showing you how to put them on. Make sure the logo is facing outward so you can see it when they are on. You can also slide the bars up and down for comfort and to make them tighter or looser.

Can I do dance cardio or HIIT workouts with weights?

While you can use Zura Weights for some dance cardio workouts, we do not recommend them for HIIT workouts at this time.

Are they one size fits all?

Zura Weights are one-size-fits-all. No, seriously. Small or large wrists, we got you. Great for ankles too

How heavy are Zura weights?

They are 2 lb weights.

Do you make heavier options?

Right now, 2 LB is the heaviest option. Stay tuned for more!

What are Zura weights made of?

Zura weights are simple by design. Eight individual cast-iron bars are each coated in a silky smooth (recycled) silicone skin. The bars are bound with an athletic elastic that makes them one-size-fits-all.

I already use dumbbells – why Zura?

Traditional dumbbells build strength, no doubt about it. But they also limit your range of motion, prevent you from using your hands, and interrupt your workout each time you pick them up or put them down.

Can i wear them on my ankles?

Absolutely! Zura Weights are made for both wrists and ankles. The bars were designed to slide along the elastic band. If you use them on your ankles, feel free to reposition them. Or don’t. There’s no wrong way to Zura.

How do i clean my Zura weights?

We’d recommend washing them by hand with any natural yoga mat or gear cleaner. Tip: Don’t get the velcro wet.

What’s your return policy?

Returns on items eligible for returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt. Items must be returned unopened/unused, with tags, in their original packaging.

My weights seem stretched out. What should I do?

Your order will ship together on the date of the furthest out date. IF you want an item to ship first, please email us at hello@zura.com and we can try to accomodate.

Is it safe to wear wrist and ankle weights?

If you have any concerns, please consult with your physician prior to wearing wrist or ankle weights.

Are Zura Weights waterproof?

We cannot guarantee that the velcro will last if it gets wet in the water so we do not recommend them for swimming at this stage.

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